Spring is HERE! 2007

“Spring is HERE!” is a small installation about the beauty and secrecy of the forest. Black and white roots on the transparent superposed veils hanging vertical like told elegant trees, naked after the winter…start giving birth announcing life= Spring season that is showed in the pink fleshy-like flowers where women-man sex is represented as symbol of love, union and fertility. Circles of flowers talk about harmony and balance. Mystery and amazement are important in my work to create the connection between all the elements and the visitors.

Organic Caligraphy 2018

“Organic Calligraphy” is a collection of organic parts. It is an inventory of pieces…branches, roots, flower, leafs, petals, algae, etc. that my eyes collect during my promenades on nature, specially when i go up in the mountains or into the forest that i love, when i get close to a pond or to the river where i just like to seat by and observe…
An amazing graphical inventory archived in my memories… some times trapped in a hole, in a stone like a fossil, in a box or in a trash that’s been thrown away by humans.

T-plastics floating away 2020

“T-plastics floating away” is a serie of paintings on heavy paper hanging in the air, to talk about the plastics, specially bags, floating in the seas

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Miroslava LEDO



Born 26-01-1964, Carúpano-Venezuela/ Spanish origins. Women artist, illustrator, photographer-designer and painting restorer. Studied 3 years of Biochemestry, 1-1/2 years of Anthropology at Central University of Venezuela, 3 years/ Graphic Design- Univ. Jose Maria Vargas and Experimental Etching in Caracas-Vzla. while started painting with well know artists. Then, she moved to Florence,Italy with a Fellowship of Foundation Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho to study Painting Restoration. Actually lives in Paris, France and works mostly in Contemporary art, artist’s books and shared projects with other artists. She’s been in Art Residencies (USA, Spain, France), Art workshops and Art Symposiums in the world. Exhibitions Gal+museums in America, Europe and Asia.
2018-20- EARTHProject – Innsbruck.Austria
2012-.PoyectoACE – Buenos Aires-Argentina.
-Geumgang Nature Art Biennale- Yatoo, Korea Art. Asso. – South KOREA.
2010-Beijing International Art Biennial. China

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