Necklace 2017

Trained as a Miniature painter, this body of work has been influenced by the specific formal orientation of objects within space, which exists in Mughal Miniature paintings. Subsequently, this orientation of objects and spaces investigates the personal and social expression of self-organization and self-identity. The existences of objects are associated with human and their bodily traces. The objects contain acts and actions of time within them and our memories are inlaid in those objects that define human existence and its cultural significance. Absence refers to the idea of impressions, marks and objects left behind by the human body. The impressions of necklaces are narrating about its owners and its history. These necklaces are in possessions of different people from my surroundings and are expressing the stories of their possessors. The impressions are about our experiences associated with presences and represents absences because one cannot experience it again.

Tranquility 2019

Architectural spaces are a collective recollection of a place and its people that holds the tangible and intangible layers of experiences and memories of the humans at various levels. The variation of colors and textures depict the inner spaces of the buildings and are inspired by the making of wasli, use of color, multiple perspectives and hierarchal division which exists in Mughal miniature paintings. These memories of my past travels gives a glimpse of spaces which are surrounded, covered or occupied by people of the place I have walked through and how each layer intertwines and overlaps to form a space of a society and the overview of the surroundings in which we move on daily basis and experience the sense of attachment and alignment due to the transparent and translucent material used in the buildings and explores the narrative of the city individually and in totality.

Tissue paper 2016

The objects of everyday life contain acts and actions of time within them and our memories are presented through those objects. Absence in real space refers to the idea of impressions, marks and objects left behind by the human body. The cast of used and thrown away tissue papers are fragile and temporary object in our lives but has significant importance and meaning embedded in it. Along with the cast of used tissues the provenance history of it is attached with it. The display of the tissue are in pedestal and acrylic boxes to celebrate its banality and significance.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Minaa Haroon


Minaa Haroon is a contemporary visual artist who executes ideas through miniature paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations and digital works. She lives and works in Lahore as an artist and government officer (Assistant Director, Lahore Arts Council, Alhamra) in Punjab, Pakistan. She graduated with Bachelors in Fine Arts from National College of Arts, Lahore in 2012 and later did her Masters in Art and Design from Beaconhouse National University in 2016. She has received the prestigious “Sir Percy Award” at NCA and “Young artist 2012” at Alhamra Art Council in 2012. She had been permanent faculty member of Lahore Grammar School, visiting faculty member in Beaconhouse National University and University of Management and Technology. She has exhibited her work at various art galleries nationally and internationally and had curated various exhibitions at Alhamra Art Gallery, Museum of Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University and Queen Sirkit Convention Center, Thailand.

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