Mount Analogue (Icosahedron / Mont Blanc: Crampons). 2018

Using photographic images of mountains as a surrogate for the sublime experience, “Mount Analogue” explores the paradoxical relationship between photography, which can only represent what is in front of the camera’s lens, and the ineffable nature of the sublime experience that, by definition, exceeds the limits of perception. Using darkroom sleight of hand in tandem with perceptual abstraction, I explore the assertion of the logical mind’s attempt to rationalize and tame the incomprehensible. Just as the mountain symbolically bridges heaven and earth, my images attempt to transcend the objective limitations of the photographic to approximate the sublime experience.

This image measures 35 x 42 inches (89cm x 107cm) and is a silver gelatin print.


Mount Analogue (Matterhorn Omega). 2018

From the series “Mount Analogue.” This piece consists of 25 chromogenic prints. The grid represents a graph of the enlarger color settings.


Mount Analogue (Nappstraumestunnel). 2017

From the series “Mount Analogue.” This piece consists of 20 x 24 inch (51cm x 61cm) silver gelatin print with custom frame and mat.

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Millee Tibbs

United States

Millee Tibbs’ work derives from her interest in photography’s ubiquity and the tension between its truth-value and inherent manipulation of reality. Tibbs is an associate professor of photography at Wayne State University. She holds an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is the recipient of two MacDowell Colony fellowships, as well as multiple national and international artist residencies awards. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally, including at Pingyao International Photography Festival, China, and at the George Eastman Museum, NY.

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