On The Long Legs 2018

acrylic on canvas
90x60x4cm (35x23x1.5 inch) unframed

The work is shown here, which I have recently painted, reflects my memories and inner thoughts as an artist.
The technique used by me to create this painting is an example of an abstract flicking combined with pulling-scraping expression while the tough top branded acrylic paint covering the high-quality canvas was used in colors that best reflect the emotions that accompanied me during the changes in my life and were applied with brushes, sponges, palms and spatula.
The main plan on this large canvas size of 30x20inch (90×60 cm) is filled by an amazing creature in which everyone would find a part of themselves.
The painted work of this series is very suitable for a bright and illuminated room contrasting with the existing design, introducing the peace and harmony that each one of us needs.
Due to the color and fairytale theme

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Mila Raczkowska



My first study, which was landscape architecture at the University Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, and painting in the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, Poland developed my awareness of the space in which I am surrounded. The space of art, sometimes imperceptible, transforms into architectonic space and, likewise, the space of architecture into the space of art. The ability to look with affection allowed me to recognize painting in unity with the geometry. For me, it’s a kind of background, a symbolic element that provokes considerations of the place and, above all, to expand reality. Through places, I try to portray imaginarily, or real places that show the relationship of a people with is surroundings so is important with a project.
All the worlds depicted in my paintings are wandering through emotions, feelings, experiences and time. I am inspired by the movement of a brush, spatula, a hand through a given shape, form and color. It is an attempt to illustrate the linking of realit

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