Fake Smile 2020

Creating this piece was all about adding texture and paint on a blank primed canvas using brush, pallet knife and pieces of plastic bottle. Waste management being an I deal promise in my society, I really got inspired by the poor dumping of plastic bottles. It is normal to find plastic bottles along the streets in my society. What really amazed me is that, there are three groups around these bottles. The company owner who manufacture the products, the consumers who dump the bottles after use and the starving men and women wo move around the streets to collect and sell these bottles recycling collection centers. It is Clearly observed that the two groups i.e. the company owner and the consumers have neglected the responsibility of managing the fate of these bottles after they have been used and sadly the one who are collecting them from the streets, they do it out of hunger but not true intention of promoting environmental sustainability. The aim of creating this piece was to start conv

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Born in 1996, Mihayo was Raised in the streets of Dar-es-salaam, he is a Tanzanian mixed medium painter and an Environmental scientist based in Dar-es-salaam. He creates textured painting using pieces of plastic bottles he can find around him. After completing his bachelor degree in BSc. Environmental sciences and management, he joined a one year training on contemporary art at Nafasi art space in Tanzania. His inspiration comes from his daily life experience on environmental issues and the need of environmental sustainability, towards sustainable development. Through conceptualising his ideas, he manages to express his life experience and start conversations that impacts his society at large. He has participated in several exhibitions and publications such as East African Biennale 2019, Bare Hands Online Art Issue by Island Waves in Texas USA 2020 respectively and Inner vision exhibition at the national museum of Tanzania in 2020.

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