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Resilience 2019

Positive 2019

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michelngelo marra


NSN997 is our collective, named in 1997 when we began with the “writing” in Naples. After several years separated we reunited again as a collective in Madrid in 2014.
We then began to develop our graffiti arriving at our current POSITIVE PATTERN. It's a pattern of human figures that represent a positive society and a cohesive one. Where white human figures and black human figures, typically thought as opposites, join together. We draw images targeted for public spaces that speak to the public. It’s a dialogue about the collective society and it’s social issues, multiculturalism and the cultural melting pot. We try to represent a new definition of value and utopic equilibrium between opposites. We are dedicated to creating images that speak of society, trying to represent it’s complexity. Many things have influenced our aesthetic work experience in the world of graphic design and communication. We are passionate about research, the communicative immediacy of image and cooperation.

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