peanut butter // lightbulb // ginsberg // supermarket // california 2021

This is the reinterpretation of my experimental soundscape "a cup of peanut butter that becomes a lightbulb". It includes an additional and improvised track with Allen Ginsberg reading his poem "a supermarket in california".

Sound art experiment:
– ambient generated only by echo's noise and resonators
– improvised and recorded in one take
– pins and sewing machine samples in the background
– nobody played "real" instruments

music // michal milczarek
recorded at home // 10.05.2021

This work can be exhibited as video medium with sound art performance, but it can be also a live-performance during the Italy exhibition.

sewing_machine 2021

Another sound art experiment.
It's an ambient composition and it consist of wavetable track and pins recorded with my iPhone. In this work the "big" hi-fi ambient texture meets iPhone lo-fi aesthetics.

I submit video track with simple animation but this work can be a live performance during the exhibition.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Michal Milczarek


Michal Milczarek (1990) is a sound and multimedia artist. His works are experimental ambient compositions based on guitar soundscapes, field recordings, improvisation and digital aesthetics. He creates a kind of forms, that fit in the space in between the traditional concept of music and the abstract concept of art. Milczarek is currently working on different multimedia concepts and audio-visual works connecting the language of music and social commitment.
Composer, improviser, guitarist. Inspired by city noise and people. Based in Warsaw, Poland. He is a conceptual leader of MM3 (organic electronic music) and NUDA. (improvised music).

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