Woman 2019

An ode to the older women in this time of celebrating the nowadays Generation . I painted her faceless as she is the person who held the family together , our mothers and grandmothers . She was big and strong ! She was our ancre !

Islands 2019

A minimalistic work of the big sea and small islands in it .My aim was to show the smallness of us in the big nature .

Bird Fights 2019

Human beings are not the only species fighting . when looking around I understand that all animals , and humans include , are born with this urge ! The only thing in what we stand -out of all other animals is that we do our fighting with much more sophistication !

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Michal Ashkenasi



I was born in the Netherlands and emigrated to Israel in 1951. I lived in a kibbuts near the desert for 17 years , married and had 2 sons . After leaving the Kibbuts we settled in an agriculture school near the sea where we stayed 22 years . To art I came very late , only when I was 43 I began to study Art at the Haifa university . I left after 3 years as I didn’t learn painting only the theory .With luck I was accepted to master classes where I stayed for seven years and learned to paint ! My first solo exhibition was in 1989 and till now I had about 30 with painting and 7 with photography . In addition many group shows . I received several International awards and a Hon .Professor at the Accademia del Arte Grechi- Marino , Italy , and a Hon. Magister Artium from the Accademia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo at the Salento Contemporary Art Event 2019.

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