Digital Suicide System 1.0 2020

Notation System 1.0
Black Duct Tape, Green PP Yarn
189 cm x 106 cm

System 1.0 is sourced in the hexadecimal code and can be played by an app (phonepaper) that reacts to surface diferences and various colours. The weaving includes many clitches that happend during the conversion from digital to analog, these clitches become the main feature of the musical realisation.

Digital Suicide System 5.0 2020

Notation System 5.0
Mosaic, Drawing
Guttagliss Panel, Acrylic Pen
189 cm x 106 cm

System 5.0 (ascii code) is based on a new alphabet that Sell conceived in second grade. The teacher took the manuscript of the imaginary alphabet and gave it to his mother. She kept it and Sell rediscovered the artefact a year ago and integrated it into his methodology to further develop his practice.

Control Panel 2021

Control Cabinet
Drawings Acrylic On Lacquer Foil
8 x 89,5 cm x 50 cm

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Michael René Sell


Michael René Sell

working in vienna
phone I +43 660 4519659
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since 2015
Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna class: Constanze Ruhm
Art and Media
La Esmeralda Mexico City

Michael René Sell was born in a phantasmagorical characterset as the child of a sound wave and a seismograph. Following the footsteps of his mother, he produces sounds with the most diverse things, and like his father, he notes down precisely all vibrations. Sell uses his own sign systems and unconventional notationtechniques. At the moment he mainly weaves and embroiders.
‚Most people somehow don‘t like to work with glass wool. I loved it when my dad called me into the store, the basement, the garage or the shelter to remove glass wool or replace it with new one. While you were working, afterwards, whilst breathing, in the shower (never use hot water) and even when you went to bed you kn

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