Coming home 2019

Coming home brings into light certain significant yet perhaps more unknown and unacknowledged aspects of Israeli culture, that make up the large and familiar identity of the Israeli public. He does this through focusing on the local community of his hometown – Migdal HaEmek- and by creating a symbiotic mediation of his immediate family. These cultural aspects are there to expand and deepen the public identity in order to create a continuity between other societies and communities in Israel based on aesthetics, taste and cultural style at its deepest understanding. Style is understood in the sense of the productive and consumerist logic that is repeated and embedded in the traditional customs of individuals within groups, families or societies. The people, places and content that are staged and documented create a connection between cultural and class identity, between ethical and aesthetic identity.

password for the video : a123

Ori in wonderland, gelatin, inkjet, 90×60 cm 2019

Kappara, gelatin, inkjet, 130×100 cm 2018

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Michael Liani


I was born and raised in Migdal HaEmek, a small peripheral town in the North of Israel for an immigrant family. My heritage is Moroccan. In 2010 I started a four-year program in Art and Photography at Minshar Academy for high arts and graduated with honors. I further enrolled at the Open University and graduated with Dean Honors in a B.A. in Social Studies and Humanities. In 2017 I graduated with honors the MFA program at Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem. Tel- Aviv allowed me to grow into a small micro cosmos that combines different religions, cultures and so much sexuality. Minshar school gave me the platform to express my conflicts and influences in an aesthetic manner. My graduation exhibition named "KULU" (translated from Moroccan: everyone) is a hybridization experience between Oriental and western views, which reside indefinitely here in Israel, religion and sexuality, movement and silence, all this through the eyes of video and stills.

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