The celebration of life 2018

This work describes the importance it is for a man to live a life of happiness and joy irrespective of the chaos and challenges he's faced with on a daily basis.
Medium: Acrylic and charcoal (Mixed media)
Technique: palette knife and hand blurring
Size: 51"×48" inches

The innocence of a man 2019

This work describes the way of life, that you cannot judge a book by it cover. Also, that a man can not be judge by his innocent appearance like a child but by their actions.
Medium: Acrylic
Technique: Brush and Palette knife approach.
Size:36''×24" inches

Let's lend our voice 2018

This work describes the power of unity of purpose. Also it represents Government base on the illustration and the use of colours.
Medium: Organic Charcoal, Acrylic and Pastel on canvas
Size: 51''×48" inches
Technique: Palette knife

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Michael Ileogben


Ileogben Michael Osajie, was born on 14th of April 1977, in Benin City, Edo State. I am a graduate from the famous Art School, Federal Polytechnic Auchi, in Edo State, Nigeria. Where I obtained a National Diploma in General Art (2003) and a Higher National Diploma, in Painting (2006) respectively. I have flair for research and in the impact of the next generation. I also obtained PGD in education, while I also apply for master’s program with University of South Wales UK. I have produced a number of illustrations for private and corporate clienteles.
I have worked with different organization where I had experience and exposure in administration and management but among all I love teaching Art and working in my studio. I am also a missionary and humanitarian, I have passion in helping and supporting the defenseless, less privileged and impoverished people in the society. I have been a practicing painter, interior and exterior designer, illustrator, installation Art

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