Traces of a dog 2017

This painting (acrylic paint on canvas) was made for an exhibition in Bavaria, Germany. The huge artwork altogether measures 132 cm in height, and 203 cm in length.

For the creation of all my artworks, intuition is the moving force. The actual motif therefore is only generated by chance. The fundamental philosophy behind, which claims emotion and coincidence to be the most important aspects of a creative workflow, can be dated back to the artistic movement of the so-called ‘Abstract Expressionism’ from the USA during the ’50s and ’60s of the last century.

Julalangkorn’s evil cat 2017

Blue figure 2018

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Michael Gegenfurtner


Michael Gegenfurtner, alias Michael Sunshine, is a german artist, born on February 4th 1991. He currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Michael succesfully completed his studies in Communications Design with a Bachelor of Arts at the ‘Hochschule fuer angewandte Wissenschaften Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt’ in Wuerzburg, Germany, in 2016. Alongside with his courses, he was able to study one semester at the ‘Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’ in Istanbul, Turkey, and to intern as a layout artist for ‘One Megagroup Inc.’ as well as ‘Ideya Media’ in Manila, Philippines.

Michael came into the arts in 2010 during a one year stay in the Philippines. Back then, he used to volunteer for the Manila based social institution ‘Puso sa Puso’. During that time, Michael happened to become friends with photographers using pictures as a way of exposing social issues to the public. Inspired by that, he started to take photographs on his own.

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