Oddvar Valley in Spring after rain 2020

Oddvar Valley in Spring after rain is a fictional location made real by it’s existence in the real world. An idealised version of nature, endless, untouchable by industry, or environmental collapse or global catastrophe. Oddvar Valley is both preservation of real-world nature, through it’s field recordings, but also an optimistic plea for a reconnection with nature.

It is both a piece to facilitate meditation, as well as fleeting observation. A window into a beautiful world, where you can stay as long as you desire.

Oddvar Valley in Spring after rain is a computer simulation of a field of grass flowers, gently swaying in the wind. It is always sunset in Oddvar Valley and the wind is always gentle.

A blank wall, or screen, and projector is all that is needed. Or a simply a screen that is attached to a computer that can run the simple piece of stand-alone software to display on the screen. An audio output source is also necessary.

The Geography 2020

The Geography is a visual musical companion, featuring an endless and non-linear evolving musical score. Using geographic data from real-world location rendered into low-poly landscapes brought to life with soft shaders, The Geography is an electronic orchestration that plays forever, always re-organising itself, always changing and creating ambient sound baths. Musically, The Geography is not limited to any genre, but in it’s current form uses many electronic instruments such as synthesisers to create it’s various seeds.

The idea of The Geography came from wanting to create a meditative, companion-like piece of software, a kind of self-care dada-ist installation; self-care art for self-care art’s sake. The idea to create something soft, musical, and endless, something that can fill a room, or simply fill your ears with something calming, that is ever changing, but always familiar. A piece of tend-and-befriend software, for self care, as well as for communal peace. A portable geog

Primodrial 2020

Primordial are a series of photographs of moss, lichen and fungus taken from the forest floors and walls from natural reserves around Japan.

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Michael Berto



Michael Berto (b. 1989, Australia) is a writer, composer and artist exploring the concept of narrative and interaction, and how narratives are formed from simple interaction with novel spaces. Their recent work explored the lower-limits of interactivity in virtual worlds, in service of artful moments with virtual, interactive spaces. Attempts to translate a visual space into a seamless moment.

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