Anxiety 2021

I have been living with anxiety disorder since I was fifteen years old, and I always needed to express it through art. In this series named Anxiety, I tried to capture in 3 images from beginning to end, how I feel when a panic attack is about to come, until when it goes away and leaves me completely exhausted.

Resistance 2021

For this work I was inspired by fertility, for seven years my husband and I have been trying to become parents, a desire that becomes more and more distant as time goes by.
I feel that this photo represents exactly that, how the desire escapes from my hands and floats in the air and fades away.

Insomnia 2021

Insomnia is something that also affects me from an early age, I felt the need to represent it through my photography, in the way I experience it, as something that is there, that does not let me fall asleep and that stuns and blinds me.

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Mercedes García


My name is Mercedes, I'm a photographer born and raised in Argentina, I'm 37 years old and I've been working in photography for 12 years, I studied professional photography and took fine art photography courses with Cristina Otero, Lidia Vives and Danny Bittencourt.
My artistic work is based on personal experiences, usually portraits and self-portraits, which after production I finish editing in photoshop.
I think it's time to start showing my artwork and I consider this an excellent opportunity.

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