Untitled from the Haram Series. 2018

This image belongs to a series called Haram. In Sudanese Haram means forbidden. For this project I photographed Venus a woman working with young refugees and asylum seekers in London. We spoke about displacement & notions of femininity and all that’s associated with these ideas which later became an inspiration for the final images and poem.


Positions. Waiting for John. 2018

o think I have to move. Nothing comes when I am sitting. All these things I have seen, experienced and thought of settle inside and it is only through moving that they rise to the surface.
These images were taken while I was waiting for my model to arrive for his shoot. I didn’t know what to expect or whether my ideas would work as I had not met John before. However by positioning myself in these positions which may look uncomfortable brought me comfort and changed my perspective. By opening myself up to being vulnerable in the space I also experienced what my model would soon feel and it brought me closer to him in someways, before we had met.
The images can work as single images or as shown here as a collective.


Untitled from the AnOther Series. 2017

A quote from the painter Maria Lassnig has always resonated with me. She speaks about her process of painting and her body awareness.
“I found it waiting for me in the body house in which I dwell the realist and clearest reality”. – Maria Lassnig

Our bodies are the most direct experience of reality, and through which our thoughts are put into actions. The body has it’s own thing going on and in the series AnOther I found it interesting to see how the subjects I was photographing defaulted into radiating a certain female persona. I was curious then to see if over time by directing them in the space their personas would dissolve to reveal a more fleshy and embodied form.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Melissa Spiccia

United Kingdom

I am a visual artist working in photography with a deep interest in the detailed physicality and organisation of the body. The body has its own voice with a refusal to forget and in my photography, I work with it as a malleable and intuitive tool. I began my training as a dancer in Australia and France prior to starting my career as a professional ballerina and then later in London working as a contemporary dance artist. In late 2015 I made the conscious decision to shift away from performing and into photography.


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