Red Ribbon 2019

An expressionistic, abstract remembering of the hair ribbons I had as a child. I would hold them in my hands, catching them just right in the light, and swirl them around in the air.

Whirlwind 2019

Here you see an ominous whirlwind forming around the Princess who is being protected by her Fairy Guardian. “Whirlwind” is part of the “Other Worldly” Series of Painted Underwater Photographs. The entire Series is expected to be completed Spring 2020. I took these photographs underwater of people and then later painted upon them, to create another World inhabited by magical beings in fairy tale settings.

The Swimming Veil 2019

Goldfish with lengthy fins make me imagine mysterious little mermaids who suddenly turn, partially covering their faces and bodies with sheer golden veils. This was what was on my mind while I painted this.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Melissa Milton

United States

Melissa Milton is a native of Arkansas, U.S. She is a former attorney who began creating art late in life after becoming disabled by a neurological disorder. She paints while lying down due to physical limits with standing up and sitting up. In order not to spill wet paint while lying down, she paints with conductive paint brushes and styluses on a touchscreen tablet. She later prints her creations out on canvas, varnishing, wrapping, and wiring her Limited Edition giclée canvases herself. She was born during the turbulent 1960’s and came of age in the groovy 1970’s. The colorful clothing, interior décor, and art of those decades influences her artistic expression. She tends to use curved, relaxed, flowing shapes which – when combined with unusual color choices – can potentially express an object in a new way which perhaps some people may have not seen before. Melissa begins most of her paintings with either a story to tell or a question to ask that she would like to visually depict.

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