Paradise 2020

Acrylic on cardboard. 90x100cm
This work is inspired by dream places, uninhabitable or desolate spaces, transmitting a certain mystique and nostalgia.

No Signal 2021

Acrylic on canvas. 50×70 cm
This work is inspired by textures found on a trip to the coast in combination with a certain retro futuristic style.

Connection 2021

Acrylic on wood. 60cm diameter
This work is inspired by the passage of time, being in motion and also deals with the past, since the waves resemble the glitch of retro television.

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Melisa Nocelli


Melisa Nocelli is an Argentinian artist born in 1992, living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Her work is constantly evolving, as she experiments with different textures and feelings that she reflects on her paintings. One of his favorites color pallette are black and white, the contrast between this two makes an interesting visual connection that she finds attractive and intriguing. She also likes to apply geometry in most of her paintings. The checkerboard pattern is offen used as it’s related to a memory from her childhood.
Currently she works as a freelance artist doing diverse types of works such as paintings, illustrations, graphic design, art covers, styling for brands and scenography.
Some of her works are exhibited at local design shops and international online art magazines.

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