Anatomía Metamórfica 2019

We’ve become a multi-body that must develop many skills and have the ability to change, resolve and accumulate information in accordance with the requirements of this world functioning as a service provider. We are in a constant endurance and opposition against this force imposed on us, we are repeatedly going from RESISTANCE to efficiency.

SALT and its healing effects and the design of an encapsulated space inspired by science fiction and its narratives about the future with hints of indigenous shamanistic rituals from southern Mexico.

Melina is a CHAMANA in the Future!

My space and body configured by triangles that create a certain symmetry from macro to micro are charged by my mental fears and the ones written by the spectators. I Seek balance and relationship of the mind with matter through a journey that leads me through memory, imagination and dreams, trying to decode reality until fully drained.

Hilum 2019

HILUM is an installation of a 22 m2 cube completely covered by a curtain that allows the viewer to observe what goes on inside through holes. The viewer modifies his body to be able to observe at the same time what he observes is distorted by different materials used in each hole. The piece can be appreciated by listening or moving around the cube discovering new ways of seeing. To see how I see combines dance / performance, illustration, projection on body and sound.
The piece is divided between inside and outside. Inside the cube my body in movement, drawing lines that lead to the deconstruction and re-invention of the body in LIVE. In search of an architecture of the body exploring its limits, well-being and adaptability. Outside projection on body showing some distortion and reinvention through the illustrations of Nicasio Torres.
The aim is to activate memory as a path towards possible answers where our culture, history and ancestors are exposed to dismantle the cultural layers

The Eye 2019

Site Specific Performance
by Melina Peña

Camera: Angel Alado

Sound: Melina Peña

Duration: 3:25

Location: Oaxaca, México

Year: 2019

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Melina Peña


Interdisciplinary/Action Artist based in Barcelona, Spain, born in the border México-USA. I have been in an extensive search of my own body language training in Butoh, Experimental Dance, Body Landscape and Performance Art. I hold a Masters Degree in Independent Studies Program (PEI) by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona (MACBA). Post-graduate Studies on Sensory Language and The Poetics of Play, directed by El Teatro de los Sentidos/University of Girona, Spain. Bachelor’s Degree World Arts and Cultures and Linguistics and Spanish from the University of California, Los Angeles.
In the past 15 years I’ve been consistently producing and exhibiting art, showing my work in places such as the Cerveira Biennale, PAN Pallazo, Naples, Venice Biennale, Galerie Taïss and La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Artistic residencies and giving workshops in Germany, Mexico, Portugal, England and Spain.

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