Ivresse 2020

The illustration Drunkenness wants to provide a feeling of lightness.

The reader lets himself be carried away on a light and poetic visual journey. An uncontrolled escape thanks to the voluptuous curves.

You can see vintage hair and hairstyles, a vaporous fabric, an intestine.

Everyone interprets it in their own way according to their history. Things seen and felt are always natural and uncontrollable.

Drunkenness measures 21 x 30 cm and has been drawn with precision using India ink and vigilant movements.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Melany JANET



My name is Mélany Janet aka Songe Graphique (on the web; social media), I have just turned 29 and I was born in France. I have always observed, analyzed, created. I started with a school course in communication, then my professional life took place in the same field. I created, digitally. I lacked the material, the concrete. At the end of 2020, I stopped everything to devote myself to creation and my professionalization as an artist. This is the first call for projects in which I participate and I look forward to having a possible opinion, to discuss with you. I work on voluptuous shapes that make thoughts light and make the eyes travel. I try to be as precise as possible, to avoid tremors. I tremble and I sometimes have to deal with it to draw. It's a daily constraint, but above all it's a great challenge. I also like to mix the practices: drawing in India ink my fine patterns, while combining them with watercolor ink or gesso.

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