Who’s your enemy? | 2016

The world is in continuous war. But the real war takes place within us.

I believe that we, as individuals, as human beings we cannot grasp our emotions clearly. Everything is distorted, every shape can change.
We can be responsible for our actions, but not for our feelings.
Are you connected with your feelings?
Can feelings be aligned with actions?
Can you control your feelings? Can you?

What do we need to do?
Who is your enemy?


Resistenza | 2018

I know different types of resistance.

The resistance to carry forward choices of belonging, choices that we do not like or don’t take.
The resistance to endure situations we cannot change.
The resistance generated by our fears that freeze us.
The resistance in the attachment to our own ideas of reality.
The resistance faced in the journey to discover ourselves.

When do we need to belong and when to go for our identity?
What is more important?
What can blossom from this conflict?


Masks & identity | 2018

These 2 photos belong to Resistenza project.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Melanja Palitta


Sardinian by nationality, my name is Melanja Palitta a one-woman show and visual artist. My life has been in a constant motion over the past 20 years. I trained as a dancer in Florence and moved to the Netherlands in 2006, where I developed my love for filmmaking due to my necessity to find balance during my transition from dance into a new digital and visual world. I discovered that we find balance in motion, just like when we ride a bike. I'm fascinated by the process that drives us to make decisions and the different and often opposite factors that shape them. I believe that each of our actions is the result of a dualistic dance, where ego and love, reason and instinct, and the need to belong versus the thrive towards individuality are in a constant tension. Which values take over?

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