Batallas y Pensamientos (Battles and thoughts) 2018

The piece Battles and Thoughts is another installation that reflects about moments of protest, insecurities, limits and promises. I am a member of La Puerta Negra collective, we are a group of activist artists who work with murals and marches in protest of the austerity measures proposed by the Control Board Fiscal and the PROMESA act, in effect since July 2016. The piece consists of elements balanced in space, imitating the movements of a children's mobile toy.

Fußabtreter: On Describing Colonial Relationships 2018

The pieces that I present next have been in reflection to the Puerto Rican Identity.
Territory', 'Commonwealth', 'Unincorporated' are all cute terms that hide the conditions of a colony. The perpetual instability of colonial status will continue to propagate inequality, discrimination, ignorance and the emigration of Puerto Ricans abroad. We are second-class citizens (U.S.) and this citizenship betrays us. The international community takes one look at the passport and erases our culture, our language, our history.

Objetos de Seguridad 2016

This piece is a ceramic installation of the elements found on the gates of Puerto Rican houses. It is an observation of the stylization of objects of security, commenting the fragility of it through the ceramic materiality.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Melanie Rivera Flores

Puerto Rico

Melanie Rivera Flores ( San Juan, P.R., 1991) has a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design and a minor in Sculpture from the School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico (2015). She’s exhibited collectively in "La Muestra Nacional de Puerto Rico" (2019 & 2015) coordinated by the Institute of Puertorrican Culture, "Fem-spoken Image Poetry" (2019) at KunstSatellit and "Insurgencias"(2018) at Agora Collective. She is currently based in Berlin studying her Masters Degree in Arts at the Weißensee Kunshochshule in Berlin.

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