KIss 2020

Kiss 2020
Dimensions (cm) : 70*50*30
Materials : steel
Location : Paris

Dancing fish 2020

Dance project 2020
Dimensions (cm) : 90*30*30
Materials : Steel
Techniques : Welding
Location : Paris

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Mehdi Yarmohammadi is a painter, sculptor, poet, born in 1979 in Iran, in Zabol. A well-known artist in his country and abroad, he has exhibited on numerous occasions in Tehran, Denmark and France.

Professor at the University of Sistan and that of Tehran between 2003 and 2014, he taught sculpture and painting while continuing his research on primitive art forms such as pottery found in the city of “Shahr -e- Soukhteh ”, burnt city and archaeological treasure containing many remains dating from the Bronze Age.

In drawing as in sculpture, Mehdi explores his subject in different ways, letting the theme guide the form and the material resulting in a new way of seeing, an examination of society without bias, a sensual dissection of the female body and the look we have on her.

His technique is characterized by a simplicity of form, an appropriation of negative space, a keen sense of suspension and hanging, softness too. This specific trait allows him to articulate social, theosophic

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