Prayers for Who?, Prayers to Whom? If God exists, He is not responsible. 2020

Man is what he conceives himself to be. Therefore man is responsible. Man is not only responsible for his own individuality, but also responsible for all men. Man would make several decisions and revisions in a minute and create time, space and situation. His actions are connected with actions of all men. These decisions create a constant struggle between joy and sorrow, ups and downs, and good and bad. Therefore god is not Responsible.

Who is more powerful? 2020

Yes, there is darkness encircling me. There is an abundance of struggle, pain, and suffering. Even if I am a speck of dust, I can still be powerful.

Is this the end my friend? 2020

I have collected obituaries from daily local newspapers and plastered them on a frame. I blackened all the faces and let the rest be colourful. Looking at these obituaries, I wonder if this is the end.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Meet Trivedi


I don’t have any biography and whatsoever is through to be biography is utterly meaningless
On what date I was born, in what country I was born done not matter
What matters is what I am now ,right here

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