To change something, just “do” something. Anyone can contribute to a change, with their own means.
The whole world throws its nets, receiving plastic in exchange. The same net gives life to a small red fish, called to represent the entire marine community, in which plastic fragments are recognizable. The rivers that pour most pollution into the sea are: The “Yangtze”, the “Nile”, the “Amazon River” and the “Danube”. Localized through the Google Earth server, we have imprinted the course of these rivers in photographs that have been inkjet printed on transparent plastic sheets. A subject that finds itself executioner and victim of its own household waste flanked by one of the industrial realities, that deals with the recycling of plastic materials in the Italian territory: Italrec srl.
Here, large HD polyethylene walls, industrial material and polypropylene have new life with recycling.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.




MC2.8: Maria Chiara Maffi and Chiara Giancamilli are a female duo of fine art photographers. United by passion for art and photography that they have decided to collaborate at the realization of photo-artistic projects. Maria Chiara Maffi in 2018, she won PHOTOLUX in Lucca with the best portfolio. This success consented her to be featured on the famous Italian website amica.it. It is among the ADG Photo Contest 2019 finalists announced by ADGALLERY. In May 2019 she participates in the MILAN PHOTO FESTIVAL at the gallery “Gli eroici furori” in Milan with DOPPIO SGUARDO presents her photographic research: I HAVE BROWN EYES, curated by Alessia Locatelli.
Chiara Giancamilli she enrolled in the Faculty of Photography at Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA), and graduated. She is finalist in the CIRCUITO OFF in the context of PONTREMOLIFOTOFESTIVAL and PREMIO NOCIVELLI 2019.

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