Super Human 2017

Super Human
There is genetic and viral engineering, there is robotic manipulation, there is also body transplantation, biomechanics, cloning and mutation is a form of engineering and intelligence of how humans have overcome obstacles.
This development is an unprecedented leap in a new world, a hope but also confronted with the ethics and will of nature.
Whatever it is, developing breakthroughs are human efforts to continue to grow and respond to their own problems. Beyond what is in the image, break the boundaries and show the super power side.

22nd Century 2018

Some global conflicts such as war, genocide, symptoms of the greenhouse effect and dependence on technology condition the world increasingly confined and locked up, which is left to greater power in controlling society. At the same time as the phenomenon of faith recedes and is replaced by rationality, with little hope, people devote themselves to large companies to meet a decent standard of living and give their lives to state-regulated regulations on business interests as a pillar of progress.

Self Destruction 2016

The rise of violence becomes a separate part of life. Violence in the name of certain doctrines is nothing but the truth for certain parties and groups. Damaging yourself for something that is believed. Until the idea of truth is the most dangerous virus on earth because of its destructive potential for “good”. While “truth and” goodness “as phrases with absurd concepts, test humans eternally.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Mayek Prayitno


Visual Arts Achievement :
– 2018 : 2nd Winner Elartizen Mural, urban Signature, at Ciracas, Jakarta
– 2017 : Finalist Young Artist Competition at Shanghai, China
– 2016 : Finalist Jogja International Miniprint Bienalle at Sangkring Art Yogyakarta
– 2015 : Finalist UOB Painting of The Years Award at UOB Building Jakarta
– Finalis Trienale International Graphic Arts Indonesia V at Bentara Budaya Jakarta
– 2011 : Finalist Bandung Contemporary Art Award (BaCAA) at Bandung.
– 2007 : Academy Award di Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta

Solo Exhibition
– “Ego Maniak” Solo Exhibition at Gallery Jakarta.

2019 :
“The Presence” Art Exhibition at KOI Gallery, Jakarta
Emoticon Art Exhibition at Albert Gallery, Tangerang

2018 :
– Serenata Art Exhibition at Perth, Australia
– Residual Art Exhibition at Raos Galery, Batu, Malang
– Artvolution Art Exhibition at Gresik, East Java
– Tong Edan Art Exhibition at Bantara Budaya Jakarta

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