Nyoro-Bara-Pichapicha Machines 2021

“Nyoro-bara-pichapicha machines” is a site-specific work, which explores the idea of “temporal machines” formed between the environment and human hands.

As this work has organic substances inside the circuit, the work adopts the process of oxidation and corrosion inside the machine.  Hereby, the work is put under the environmental and time-based change, which makes the machine fluid, unstable, and constantly heading to corruption.

In addition, as some part of circuits begin to dissolve in water through time, the machine appears and disappears repetitively via the behavior of the viewers. Further, the moisture of the work soaks into the wall and even the surrounding objects are taken into the inside of the machine. By dislocating the predominating sublime of modern machines (- such as stability, eternity, closeness) I attempts to find the alternative in the representation of machines. 

An unstable mouth, an ear wandering, a hole 2020

Not all the words born inside one body are spoken. At the same time, not all the words given to one body are heard. As in the case of Dissociative Disorder (DD), there are multiple speakers inside a single person. In addition, in some cases of autism the person can cut off the surrounding conversations and detach them as noises when concentrating. Out of nowhere, a mouth narrates things unexpected, ears arbitrarily close, and one never knows who is talking and for what.

Inside the work, “mouth” (two of the sculptures), which is an FM transmitter, there continues a fitful energization on the top of the pedestals. Therefore, only the fragments of narrative are spoken from “mouth”. Also, “ear”: an FM receiver wandering precariously with his organs exposed, can only catch words from the closest transmitter due to the characteristic of FM system. In the end, it is the “hole” on the wall, where the words, once having been spoken from “mouth” and partially received by “ear”, are delivered.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Maya Masuda



Maya Masuda, who used to engage in brain wave analysis and its application to mental illness, creates series of artworks related to New Media such as machines / radios and human desire that forms them. In her past work “Room” (Collaborative work), she’ve created contradictory machines that questions the definitions of human being who created them. “An unstable mouth, an ear wandering, a hole”, is her another installation work created based on the utterance of patients who had dimensional disorders (DD). Finding out that machines and human mental structure have came down similar paths through mass production and mass consumption in capitalism, she attempts to speculate the new concept of humanism through making unconventional machines.

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