Mono Sourcil's Show!! 2020

This exhibition act as a self portrait and an tribute to my street art/muralist practice. By adapting my street art style in a sculptural way and putting it in a gallery space, I tend to question the presence and absence of street art in world of institutional art and therefore question the institution itself.
The sculpture made out of clay are also piggybank. By having the propriety of collecting money, these sculptures question the system which gives value to a artwork or a certain gesture. The plinths act in the same direction by being replaced by paint buckets, which are normally seen as non-noble material.
Finally,by adding a art piece who look fragile on something that look unstable like a stack of bucket of paint, I try to demonstrate the precarious and unstable side of the art world.

All togheter 2020

I illustrate in caricatural form my vision of the individual in Western society. I generally use a process of accumulating various characters, in order to represent a society where the coexistence of sometimes human beings, sometimes fantastic, refers to a dense, diversified and multicultural vision specific to large cities.

Through my imaginary crowds, I try to transmit notions of coexistence and to celebrate the richness of differences and diversity for a harmonious living together.

Finally, this mural was made for the BUMP mural festival, on Hotel Arts, in Calgary and measure 26' x 85'.

Secret Gaden 2020

Here I use the juxtaposition of faces that define my artistic style, to flowers, to create a garden of emotions. This time, my character accumulation process brings to the fore each individual's world of feelings, while celebrating the greatness of biodiversity in plants. It is man's relationship with these emotions that makes him vulnerable. It is moreover this vulnerability that we often refrain from revealing to the rest of the world. Thus, the combination of expression with plants literally refers to our inner fort, our secret garden.

Today, we are in a constant state of alert in the face of our environment and climate change. This mural therefore recalls in its own way the importance and respect for spaces reserved for nature, especially in an urban context. Moreover, the suggested work represents an interesting duality where plants confront architecture and the rectangular geometry of a wall gives way to organic structures.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Maxilie Martel


Maxilie Martel, alias Mono Sourcil, is Montreal base multidisciplinary artist . She did her undergrad in visual arts at UQAM and her master degree at Concordia university witch she completed in 2020 . Since she is 19 years old, she is interested in the world of street art and graffiti, which she found more free and intuitive. Since that time, Maxilie has exhibited her murals in several renowned Montreal festivals including, Mural, Osheaga, Under Pressure, etc. She has also collaborated on numerous occasions with the City of Montreal for the creation of large-scale murals and has displayed her works in various group exhibitions, notably at the Station 16 gallery and the Darling foundry. Maxilie has also produced her frescoes abroad, including at the Basel House Mural Festival in Miami, the Fresh West Official in Kelowna, the art in street in Colorado and the BUMP mural fest in Calgary.
Today, Maxilie is defined as a mural artist practicing street art, sculpture and installation

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