We see only what we want to see 2019

A huge mural (150 m2) made with black markers at the Cultural Center in Moscow, Oct 2019

Fantasy Madrid 2019

A huge mural made on the outstanding walls on Salvador Dali in Madrid, 2,5×5 m. Black and White live painting made by the Astist and afterwards all people are invited to add some colors. Oct 2019

Magical Beijing 2019

A huge coloring wall, 2,5x14m made live during 4 days at the Peninsula Hotel in Beijing. The show is still running till March 2020.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Max Goshko-Dankov



The artist’s philosophy comes through the author’s concept of C O L O R. I D – self-identification through color, i.e. human perception through dialogue with colours. Max took part in the 1st and 2nd Biennale of Young Art “Stop! Who’s coming? ”( in 2008 and 2010), as well as in the group project as part of World Art Dubai 2018. Solo exhibitions: Universe: Artist – Gilyarovsky Center (Museum of Moscow), 2018; Perso – Jumeirah, Dubai, 2016; Perso – ArtBasement, 2015; Les Mots (Words) – Art Space Dacha, Zhukovka, 2007. Max is the author of the coloring book “Cities of Dreams”, which has become a bestseller in Russia, as well as the project of Huge Colorings on the streets of cities around the world. The Huge Colorings Project started in Moscow in 2016 and continued on the streets of Beijing (2017), Istanbul (2017), Hong Kong (2018), Sofia (2018), Berlin (2018), Miami (2018), Tokyo (2018), Zagreb (2019), Bishkek (2019), Riga (2019).

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