L’écoresponsabilité 2018

This series speaks about societal’s paradox. The human being, to have a better interpretation of the world that surround him, needs to create landmark, to file and put it into categories. He produce by instinct, easy shortcuts such as clichés, received ideas, stereotypes, damages, and sometimes go until conflates. Here, the association between two antitheticals figures jostles our common senses, creating in this way the paradox. Our intuitions are at variance with our discernment to judge the real from the fiction. It is on this thinking path I want call out and question to spectators.

Sans Dette Fixe 2018

Amour Poignant 2018

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Matthieu Ravet



As a wink to the destiny, I was born in Chalon sur Saône, Nicéphore Niépce’s city. I had achieved graphic arts and audiovisual studies in block release training. I did it in the Studio Mac Mahon (Paris) where my love for the photography had been revealed. I won a competition for illustrate the covert of the Beaune Collector magazine in 2018. I’m proud to announce my nomination to the Fine Art Photography Award 2019 in the category professional / fine art and the honorable mention from the International Foto Awards 2019! I consider photography as an art which can help people thinks differently, a commitment to serve the good reason, an assistance to forget few seconds our problems and a necessity for the society to be balance.

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