Circostanze #1. 2018

Scenes of everyday life are enclosed in small capsules of the time. The memories are immortalized and fixed in a precise space and moment.

Inkjet on film, metal – 27x22x10 cm


Odisseo. 2016

The hand gestures plunged into the water and the call for help suggest the story of a sea voyage and a possible shipwreck. The image evokes the man as a traveler, a hero and a refugee who seeks a hope, an escape, a salvation that is often close, despite other enemies and other battles await us at Ithaca.

Inkjet on film, water, plexiglass – 80x50x10 cm

Pietà. 2014

The flight of a flock of birds and taxidermy. Life and death are exhibited simultaneously. The freedom of a beat of wings and the hardness of embalming. The simplicity of a natural movement, instinctive and insisted, opposed to an artificial technique for the preservation of bodies.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Matteo Suffritti


When he was little, Matteo Suffritti loved to play with a Kodak Disc his father gave him, wandering through the streets of the outskirts of Milan. Subsequently his graphic design studio and advertising technique led him to manipulate the first reflex and consequently to learn the basics of the darkroom. Today he lives in Milan, works as designer in a photochemical etching industry and loves to experiment continuously.

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