Astral Vision, The people of the stars 2020

An environmental installation created by using optic laws with creative goals. This work is made up of assemblages of sculptural elements, devices for the water fall, mirrors and images of imaginary landscapes projected on the walls. The projections are produced by pointing beams of light on the sculptural elements thus to cast their shadows on the wall, while the sparkles of light, the waves and the other celestial events visible on the projections, are obtained through the interaction of mirrors, water and light.
Here the landscape envelops the whole walls of the space, creating a space that refers to the Renaissance frescoed rooms. The portrayals show a post apocalyptic urban landscape, lost between sky and sea. A city imagined to be the homeland of a risen humanity. A population who have gone back to contemplating the sacredness of nature and to listening the sound of the stars.

Floating Environment 2018

Project for a floating installation, made up of 5 platforms connected one to the others by piers and shaded by a canvas’ cover. It is an architecture studied to welcomes visitors and immerse them inside the water landscape, far from the swarm human activity. The floors of the platforms alternate wooden areas with net others, designed to be used as giant hammocks where lie down suspended on the water. This installation welcomes together ludic and contemplative aspects. Absorbed in the waves makes peoples tone up with the quietude and the deepness of the water. Floating environment, site of the silent contemplation.

Gibigiana’s Machine 2014

An installation that animates the interior environment with the effect of light and water meeting together. The water comes out from taps and runs on the glass tables following different slopes and taking on variable speeds. The beam of light, passing through the transparent surfaces, portrays and projects the water’s movements in luminous form. Anyone can joint this play of water and light. By varying the intensity of the water outlet, by moving the taps along the glass tables and by repositioning the direction of the light beams indeed, the user can transforms the creation, the environment and himself.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Matilde di Pietropaolo


Matilde di Pietropaolo spends her childhood between imaginary environments and places to escape from. Traveling through interstellar worlds, she meets the Art and marries her. Together they draw dreams by playing with the optics' laws and they erect temples to celebrate the wisdom of nature.

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