Ballerina 2020

colorpencil&ballpoint on polymer_14,2×9,4 cm

AuditsofDestruction, Elektroshock therapy to extract the symbolism from the rose 2020

colorpencil&ballpoint on polymer_14x9,8cm

The Kiss 2020

colorpencil&ballpoint on polymer_9,4x8cm

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Mathieu V. Staelens


Mathieu V. Staelens uses drawing, painting and sculpture in his quest to emancipate beauty. His work originates from a hybrid of visual culture and philosophy. The artistic research focuses on personality industries: Fashion as a proposal-machine of identities, Design as the production-machine of attributes, while contextualizing those fabricated identities. It’s the realm where those identities are defined and start pressuring the etiquette of social interactions.

At the heart of Staelens’ work, we find meticulously small drawings, holding situations of duality, irony and simple beauty.

Born in 1980, Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

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