Asleep? 2020

Duration: 7'25"
Year: 2020
City: Amsterdam
Techniques: Generative visuals and spectral processing of synthetic sounds, made with advanced computational algorithms

Asleep? is what happens after Dusk, another audiovisual work I've released in 2020; still, it figures as an independent work from it. Dusk was an outside photographic journey after the sunset while Asleep? is an inner trip, an abstract vision inside the eyelids made by colored shapes moving in the darkness, when you're close to falling asleep but not yet there, stoned in the middle of two different realities, out of the time.

The work is clearly related to the concept of insomnia and has been created during the COVID-19 pandemic, between Amsterdam and Rome.

Unfortunately, Youtube can't provide a full resolution streaming due to the odd size of the format (8:5), so it scales down to 480p which isn't the best preview, please consider this if you are concerned about the quality.

Satori 2017

performance for Metastring and live-electronics duration: 10-15’

Metastring is an expanded electroacoustic monochord, which combines the piano string features with the electric transduction of sound, the diversified playing modes of the percussions and the live-electronics processing of the signal.

“Satori is the raison d'etre of Zen, and without it there is no Zen. Satori may be translated as ‘Enlightenment’. However any attempt to explain or analyse the contents of Zen with regard to enlightenment would be in vain. Personal experience, therefore, is everything in Zen. Satori is a matter of natural occurrence and comes as something unexpected, not to be expected.
Apparently, an insignificant event produces an effect which in importance is altogether out of proportion.”

— Quotes from An Introduction to Zen Buddhism, Daisetsu Teitarō Suzuki

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Massimiliano Cerioni


Massimiliano Cerioni (Italy, 1986) is an audiovisual composer sound-art performer and a native of Pomezia (RM), currently living in Amsterdam. In June 2019 he is resident artist from the EMS – Elektron Musik Studion in Stockholm. In 2015 he placed 1st at the Italian national art prize Premio Abbado – category “electroacoustic music composition”. His style focuses on primordial sound topoi, to be considered as evolving organisms that connect each other in a complex acoustic texture, building-up a listening experience that has been described as immersive, reflective whereas engaging. This cinematic vision naturally flows into intermedia works such as audiovisuals (videoart+sound) and performances, in which gestures belonging to different semantic fields generate brand new perceptual events known as synchresis (M. Chion 1990-1994). Cerioni plays didgeridoo and custom-made instruments such as Metastring, an electroacoustic monochord that first appeared in 2017 at Tempo Reale in Florence.

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