Story of Red – Frida's Kimono 2020

Japanese samurai families' women's inner wears for sometimes having bright red, contrast to the sober cotton woven outer in contrast to the floating world ladies' framboyant kimono and distinctive cosmetics. As the contemporary descendent who married with the foreigner, I let my half Japanese daughter's inner kimono to fly for her search of identity, as Frida Kahlo's mexican costume hung in the line in the balcony of NY city.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Masako Kano



Masako Kano is a poet and photographer. She completed her Master of Arts in New York. 1988 she moved to London from her native town Tokyo, where she worked for twelve years as Director of Capital Markets for Swiss Bank Corporation and NatWest. In Europe Masako discovered her passion for contemporary photography as a collector. In 2000 Masako moved with her family to Argentina, d where she would immediately fall in love with the cultural and artistic diversity of Buenos Aires, where she studied photography with Diego Ortiz Mugica. She also produced her first documentary in 2014, "Voices of Latin America” which aims to present the ecological situation in Central America. She is currently producing “Silence of El Impenetrable”,a documentary about El Impenetrable National Park, located in North of Argentina.Since 2009 she has been an active board member of UNESCO cultural heritage, Villa Ocampo.

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