otromunidi 2019

Photography of forest of huge plant ” frailejon” in National Park Los Nevados, Caldas, Colombia.

Giant Ferns 2019

Another expression of Giant Fern over the sky

Cactus and Stars 2017

Camping for the documentary in El Impenetrable, Chaco Argentina, encounter giant cactus with flickering million of stars at night.

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Masako Kano



Masako Kano is a poet and photographer. Born into a traditional Japanese family, upon finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Tokyo, then completed her Master of Arts in New York. .Masako worked for five years as a financial analyst for Motorola in Chicago, Tokyo and Phoenix (Arizona). In 1988 she moved to London where she worked for twelve years as Director of Capital Markets for Swiss Bank Corporation and NatWest. In 2000 Masako moved with her family to Argentina, her studies in photography with Diego Ortíz Mugica and Professor Piroska Csúri in Argentina, returning to New York City in 2013 to attend the International Center of Photography. She also produced her first documentary in 2014, “Voices of Latin America” which aims to present the ecological situation in Central America. She is currently producing “Silence of El Impenetrable”, a documentary about Gran Chaco’s National Park as now in post-production. Her photographic works were exhibited in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and Canada.

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