Wall 1. 2015

Shahrekord, where I was born and spent my childhood was a deprived town confined by knee-deep snowy mountains. My childhood passed in the small and simple houses of the town during Iran and Iraq Eight-year War. When I was seventeen, I left there for Tehran, a restless crowded metropolis. In 2015, after 15 years, I traveled back there with a camera on my shoulders and vague memories. I expected to watch obvious changes and probably a more modernized appearance. Surprisingly, not only nothing had changed, but, also it looked time had stopped moving there like a vanishing lake. I traveled there several times during a year, walked on the streets, and watched every corner through my lens. For me, all of the experience was like traveling into the past; so far, so abandoned! The following photos are a narration of that outlandish experience: Traveling through memories, end of everything!


Wall 7. 2015


Abandoned. 2015

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Maryam Ladoni

United States

Biography Maryam Ladoni is a photo-based artist living in the USA. She received an MA degree in photography from University of Art in Iran in 2007. Currently, she is studying for an MFA in photography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA. She was born in Iran after the 1979 Revolution and grew up during the extensive eight-year Iran-Iraq War. Having this background she explores concepts like displacement, detachment, and solitude. While her early works tended to be more abstract her new collection is mostly political and focuses on themes like gender, identity, and social discrimination by using text and photos to convey emotion. Her photographs express these emotions by depicting people and things which are not related to their environment.

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