Nonexistent Character 2019

Nonexistent Character is a 60x60cm, embroidery floss, glass beads and spray-paint on canvas. Mental health is a big focus of my art and every piece holds some kind of a story. So Nonexistent Character is about Identity Crisis. A character that does not fit in any trope, and seems not to exist.

Warm Orange Juice 2019

Warm Orange Juice is a 70×80, embroidery floss, glass beads and acrylic on canvas. The story behind Warm Orange juice is inspired by a conversation with a friend about being one of those seemingly perfect humans. The ones that make fresh orange juice in the morning, eat healthy, work out, have a proper job and a work-life balance, to put it short – have their s**t together. Whilst we forget about our store-bought juice on the counter, cause we are so in our head all the time, and it sits there and gets warm.

Disambiguation 2019

Disambiguation is a 50x60cm, Embroidery floss and acrylic on canvas. This one is a story of indecision, confusion, cluelessness. The utter inability to choose or even differentiate between right or wrong.

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Mary Badalyan


Mary Badalian is a contemporary visual artist currently living and working in Yerevan, Armenia. A lawyer by training, in parallel to her university studies in law (Slavonic University of Armenia, 2018), Mary rediscovered her passion for art and creativity as a form of self-expression. For Mary these two paths – although distinct – are interconnected: while the law creates an environment for freedom of thought, art is the expression of that liberty in its most human form.
Since 2017, Mary has immersed herself in a practice of mixed media on canvas that involves intricate embroidery of thread and beads covered by acrylic paint, often in a monochrome palette. Her practice is both an ode to her Grandmother, an avid embroiderer, as well as a “quiet rebellion” as she transforms a traditionally female, domestic craft into large scale works of fine art.
Since 2020, Mary Badalian is represented by IN SITU art agency (Armenia).

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