Break through 2018

Medium – Acrylic on Canvas

He is a light to my path 2018

Medium – Acrylic on Canvas

Sumbu Lala 2018

Medium – Digital painting

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Marvit Ahanonu


‘If only words could express my thoughts,
there would be no need for painting.”
As a canadian-based artist, architect and designer, Marvit Iyiakaimo Ahanonu expresses and innovatively stands out from the crowd with her unique blend of art, science (which she terms as architecture) and functionality—influencing and changing the course of Design through art.
Originally from Nigeria, Marvit has gone to reside in the United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, India, then Canada since 2016. After completing her degree in the field of architecture and another in art in Canada, fullfilling a childhood dream, she has also worked with and supervised large-scale architectural projects for companies around the world.
Besides creating art on canvas, Marvit has worked on special, large-scale projects such as the creation of murals in institutions and commercial venues. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, having had group shows in Nigeria, USA and Canada, to name a few.

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