Concrete 2020

The digital photograph is based on analogue photographs documenting concrete slabs (called panelák) , which were used in the 1990s to backfill quarries. In Poland there are still approx. 4 million apartments in blocks of flats made of panelák. The broken plate pretends to be a rock formation. However, it remains a spectre that returns detached from its former context, heralding another end. Dreams of the future seem to be a hallucination, as the present escapes us.
Photo-object, print on Alu-Dibond, 120×90 cm.

Column 2020

The object consists of a fragment of limestone rock of bituminous character, in which are fossils of organisms from before approx. 367 million years. It comes from the Great Extinction – one of the 5 largest that has ever taken place. There's more to come. Such fossils can be found in the ground, this one I found in Łagów village in Poland. I put it on a colored, infantile column. The fossil grows out of it as a testimony, but also as a foretell of extermination. It's a small prophecy of the future await us.

Run 2020

The photo is inspired by a game of running through the fire. We are in a dream, bad dream from which you cannot wake up anymore. We had so much fun. Now our feet are on fire.

Print on Alu-Dibond, 120×90 cm.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Martyna Jastrzębska


Martyna Jastrzębska, b. 1987, Poland, multimedia artist.
In 2007-10 she studied at the MC-S University in Lublin, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where in 2013 she defended her diploma. In 2018 she received her doctoral degree in visual arts. In her work, she raises issues related to the ideological transformations of collective memory, identity identification, modification of meanings of symbols, disturbances of individual memory (among others through the work of trauma and nostalgia). Since 2013 she has been creating sculptures, objects and installations. Selected exhibitions: NEWCOMERS. New Collection for the New 100th Anniversary; Koneser Prague Center, Warsaw 2020; Over the structures, CICA Museum, Gimpo 2020; Nest. 1939/1989/2019; Galerie Art Supplement, Göttingen 2019; Perspektive sjevera, AŽ Atelieri Žitnjak, Zagreb 2018; Found ă mentalism II, St James Cavalier, Valletta 2018; re_form 11. Internationale Ausstellung, Ostrale Biennale, Dresden, 2017.

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