Metamorphose 2019

The image is constructed as a style collage: different image templates were merged into a new overall image. Here, the styles also change from realistic approaches to abstract forms. At the same time, the viewer's gaze is directed by integrated objects. These complement the painted representations on the wall, superimpose them and form a new entity depending on the viewer's point of view.
n addition, the pictorial elements take up the given architectural structures of the room and orient themselves to them.
The work was done during the "RoomBoom-Street-Art Festival"

Like a bird on the wire 2021

The painting was made for a room used by employees of a company as a music room.
After I wanted to represent the representation of music indirectly, I took the motif of birds and embedded them in a picture collage as a central motif. The different picture elements thereby remind of the many genres in the field of music and express the diversity of creative work.

The lovers 2020

This image was created as a free interpretation of a sculpture by the famous Landshut sculptor Fritz König. Incentive was for me to implement his three-dimensional work as a flat image and combine it with my visual language. Since many sculptures by Fritz König are also found in public space and are designed in their materiality for a very long time, I have created a very ephemeral variant in the street art version. Transience, in turn, was an essential theme in Fritz König's work and thus forms a link between the different works, without us ever having known each other as artists.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Martin Gerstenberger


Martin Gerstenberger was born in 1981 in Landshut/Germany and acquired skills to create works in the fields of painting, mural painting, sculpture and illustration during his communication design studies at the FH Augsburg (2001) as well as through self-taught studies.

His work combines elements of street art and outsider art with traditional elements of painting and sculpture.
The different energy and history of various art forms are experimentally combined in the works, a process the artist calls "cultural up-cycling." Gerstenberger says his work, inspired by naïve energies, is intended to "build a visual contrast to the overwhelming mechanization and automation of the environment. "To counteract through-declined, algorithmic design and artificial creativity,

Gerstenberger has shown in a in a number of exhibitions worked on many murals for private and public commissions and has recently created works at street art festivals.

Martin Gerstenberger lives and works in Landshut

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