we’re either destroying ourselves or discovering the words for color 2018

“we’re either destroying ourselves or discovering the words for color” examines how individual and cultural processes shape who we are, who we hope to become and who we do become. It does this by examining our relationship to objects in our environment. There’s a lot that happens between the internal space of Self and the external environment; the space that lies between me and something simple like a stone found on the ground outside an old apartment building is immense.

The project consists of a motor slowly pulling concrete wrapped in steel from piles of coal dust across a floor of limestone.

we’re either destroying ourselves or discovering the words for color (detail) 2018

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stories I try to tell the same never are 2017

“the space above and below us” examines the way we exchange information with the world around us. Our experience is the result of a combination of internal and external information loops in which we embed ourselves. This is to say that we exchange information with ourselves (“Why was I so in love with my childhood pet parakeet?”), between ourselves and our environment (“That bird is red.”), and combinations of both (“Look at that red bird that looks like my childhood parakeet”). These exchanges and the structure they create define entirely what we believe to be the Self and what we understand to be the environment around us.

The project consists of yarn being pulled into a wooden structure causing the yarn to snap.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Mark von Rosenstiel

United States


Mark von Rosenstiel is a multi-disciplinary artist using mathematical algorithms that interact with and explore human relationships and emotions. Through feedback loops
and technology he strives to reveal the middle ground people occupy — the undeniably human place where truth is agonizingly close, but never touched. Von Rosentiel’s site specific installations create internalized representations of the human experience that explore the boundary between observation and participation.

Von Rosentiel’s work has been featured in galleries across the globe, from Seattle to Bangkok. He lectures on ideas of incompleteness, randomness, and scale variance in relation to art practice and the potential to discover truths by creative means.

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