Atamatik 2019

Translates as ‘At the the heart of a Tree, in the Innu – Aimun Language of Quebec Canada.
The newly-emerged research of plant communication, cognition, Bioacoustics and Gnosophysiology tests the cognitive abilities of plants, including perception, learning processes, memory and consciousness and is re-igniting the discourse on plant subjectivity, sentience and ethical standing. This holds considerable implications for the way we perceive plants as it redefines the traditionally held boundary between animals and plants and other organisms.
During the ‘Creations sur le champs’ Land Art Festival the public were invited to enter and experience a moment of peace and communion with the forest.

Hygroscence 2016

Part of the international land art event Humuspark in Seminario Park, Pordenone, Italy
Hygroscence is a process when a seed occurs in response to an environmental trigger. During the death of the parent plant, water causes the seed to be released bringing new birth, the beginning of new possibilities.

Time Passing 2017

Land Art Park II, constructed over 6 days in the grounds of Kozlowka Palace, Poland.
In celebration of the feminine. The viewer witnesses and is reminded of the intricacy of life’s journey passing through to discover and question newly the eternal mysteries.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Mark Ford

United Kingdom

Working as a contemporary woven sculptor in the medium of found and grown natural materials, I live in Sussex, UK making monumental woven environments for both public and private sectors.
I have a strong interest in the archaeology, geography and mystery of the natural world, drawing on ancient traditions and techniques of willow craft and woodland management.
The surreal installations and ambiguous sculptures woven from willow and hazel directly engage with the environment as semi-permanent sculptures based on seeds and plant forms, encompass a wide range of traditional skills and practicesExhibiting since 1990 and for the past 15 years in a creative partnership with my wife Rebecca Ford, we’ve grown much of our own materials, this connects us with woodland conservation and actively engages with schools and universities to create new works.
I’ve attended several international Land Art events including some in Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, USA and Canada.

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