Flower and bird marquetry 2019

Working flower and bird imprints on artworks such as pottery and murals was common since millennia BC. In the course of their evolution in Islamic period, this fine art grew to perfection thus flower and bird design gained an exclusive status as a genuine Islamic-Iranian art. Given this ancient history in national art and culture, this style was widely used in all genres of traditional arts. In the traditional art of Iranian painting, flower and bird became a branch of Persian miniature. A collection of such arts as miniature, illumination, border illustration (Tashyr), flower and birds, floral pattern, etc. have been mixed with other arts such as calligraphy and book illustration in their way of fundamental development to perfection.
Marquetry means inlaid work made from small pieces of coloured wood or other materials in more works, if we create design by cutting a putting together different peace of some materials such as wood, ceramics, leather, paper, atc…

Ghazal sculpture 2019

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marjaneh Mougouie


I’m 29 years old and i work with wood shuch as picture and sculpture ….

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