I've always been like this 2021

She is a woman that has always been larger in size than her peers. Due to that she's faced many obstacles like fetishising or objectification and constant reminder that she might do better in life and in her career if she were to be smaller. Though inarguably difficult, she's never let this define her and she's stood as a strong, beautiful, capable woman without letting size define her.

I couldn't face it, let alone talk about it 2021

She's a woman who carried a secret and insecurity so big she deluded herself and the people near her. Without realising is, she had a tumor growing inside her since her teens. She never dared to address the issue because she was constantly teased and bullied for her belly. She even went as far as to cover her body with a blanket to avoid conversations about her body when going to the dentist. After having it removed, for a moment she had what she considered "the perfect" body only to to find new issues ahead. From then on she's been on the journey of acceptance and love towards her body the way it is.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Marita Liivak



I am an artist in its all-encompassing meaning and have been so my whole life. I paint and talk about my experiences and thrive on topics that make me feel uncomfortable. Subject matters vary from mental health and sexuality to daily comedy, awkwardness and candid moments. Due to a natural tendency to be drawn to challenges and discomfort in order to grow,I reject mediocrity and instead of shying away from challenges, I celebrate discomfort not only for my own sake but for others as well.

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