Tobi 2019

Portrait painting of my husband.
Oil on canvas.

Nale 2020

Portrait of Nale
Black and white painting.
Oil on canvas

Lau 2020

Portrait of my niece Laura eating ice cream.
Oil on canvas

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Marina Campos


My name is Marina I am an self taught amateur carpenter, painter and ceramicist. My passion for art makes me complete and it grows every day more. I am fascinated by the 17th century master painters as you can see direct influence from them in my work but also the beauty of nature and my beloved ones inspires me beyond words.
I am not an artist with a definitive style. I like to try different medias and sources and sometimes mix them. Thats why I don’t know what to answer when people ask me to describe my artistic style. I believe that my artwork is only there to describe my vision and feeling through the reality I find myself in that very moment.
I would love to have a change to boost my love for art, my creativity and to feel more confident with what I would love to do. The artistic residence sounds like the best opportunity for me to learn and to share my art with inspiring people. I would be thrilled to have a chance to participate in this program.

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