Tree 1 2020

Alu dibond 3 mm
60-120 cm

Tree 2 2020

Tree on alu dibond 3 mm
80-120 cm

The woodman 2020

On alu dibond 3 mm
120-120 cm

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Marianic Parra


Marianic Parra was born in 1960 in Angers – France.
She works as a painter, designer and sculptor.
Marianic Parra studies at ENSAAMA Olivier De Serres in Paris. She worked after Olivier de Serres in the field of Haute Couture (Courrèges) then in the field of events then art history. Since 2003, her activity as a visual artist has been essential.
Marianic Parra, who has always felt a fascination for beauty, color and power, has long focused her work on the search for light. Her painting is the expression of this research.
Marianic Parra has regularly exhibited her artwork in France as well as in many regions of the world: USA, England, Germany, Italy, Holland, Israel, Taiwan, etc.
Marianic Parra set up her studio at the end of 2019 in South West of France in Marmande, where as part of the opening of an art house under development, she plans to organize after COVID health restrictions, cultural events on the regional scene.
Marianic Parra wishes to share her work as a painter

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