Time to create patina in us 2020

Bronze is made of copper and tin, it is a metal produced in relation. Copper lives in bronze just as bronze also lives in copper. Patina is a greenish aging process that takes place over time. It is also the agent of the relationship and the essence of matter, it is the presence of the copper essence in bronze. This image shows the representation of the ilipsoas muscles, the deepest muscle in the human body. Many people call it soul muscle. This work brings out the depth in us and the time to access the depth in us. Time to create patina in us

Imbalance in the cyclical nature says of exploitation 2020

Native people from Latin America say that before the beginning of gold exploration (5000 BC) the cycle for every month was 28 days and we had 13 moons in the year, as well as the menstruation cycle. Any imbalance in personal or planetary cycles says about exploration.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Mariana Farcetta



Mariana Custodio Farcetta, visual artist, art therapist and art educator. She has worked in the relationship between ART, HEALTH and EDUCATION since 2004, he carries out projects with different audiences, spaces, inside and outside Brazil. Nowadays the creative path aggregates anatomical images of the human body guided symbols of ancestral and spiritual traditions and studies of alchemy., This work creates an aesthetic experience within the potent exercise of the "inner path". Bridging the gap between therapeutic and artistic performance, producing Art to penetrate the deep within us.

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