Mumbai Window 2019

I wanted to convey the gloom and humidity of the Mumbai atmosphere during the rainy season. I was fascinated by the dark deep rich colors of the foliage outside the window.

Stairs 2019

Church 2019

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Maria Trufanova


Maria Trufanova was born on June 27, 2000 in Rostov-on-don. She received her initial artistic skills in a specialized art class at the N35 Gymnasium in Rostov-on-don.During her studies, she participated in the art Olympiad from the southern Federal University, where she received a 3rd degree diploma. After graduating from high school, she entered the Rostov art school.M. B. Grekova to the Department of “easel painting”, where she studies to this day under the guidance of a talented teacher Alexander A. Savelenko . Participated exhibitions as : “Creators of the 21st century”, “My love is Football”, an exhibition dedicated to the World football Championship 2018 in the don State Public library, “Paint Everyday” in Novocherkassk, and regional exhibitions(South of Russia XII),2019 party organisator exhibition “Noon” of the don State Public library(Rostov-on-don,Russia),Casting international plein air “the Russian was Atlantica 2019”.Maria Trufanova was born on June 27,

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