"A Performance About Love" 2018

Performance art about Love by Komsate Theater Community, Jakarta, May 2018. The performers collected the trashes from the area around the audience, taped them on their body, destroyed the proscenium, conducted an arena of junkyard.

"Blushful" 2018

A performance to accompany a poetry reading called "Respect Myself More"; in a book launching of "Testimony of 16 Prostitutes" by Yayasan Samin (Yayasan Anak Merdeka Indonesia, or Indonesian Independent Children Foundation)

"Blooming in Iron Sheeting" 2020

A piece of painting placed in an iron sheet on a construction site in Jakarta.

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Maria Natasha



Maria Natasha, or Nat. Born and live in Jakarta, Indonesia. She started as an actress in community theater in 2008, when she was also studying journalism in college. For her, the dialectic process is where she found out that art conveys meaning even in the most subtle ways, and art itself is a whole different type of communication that is able to collude the banal and the clichés with the esoteric.
Now, an office worker, she managed to avoid the work-entertainment-sleep cycle with painting, drawing, and getting involved in theater as well as art performances.

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