Mum and I 2020

The work consists of casts of egg cardboard. It is made in plaster with colours. There are two sculptures on the ground in a certain realtion to each other and another to casts on the wall.

Meanwhile 2021

It is a photo work with pencil. The snail has its own speed.
The foto is made analogically and enlarged on baryta paper (about 125×85 cm)

Yellow 2018

This video is made in collaboration with Ioanna Georgiou (performance and writing). It is a poetry about the individuum confronted with existential questions.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Maria Luedeke


Curriculum vitae
Maria Lüdeke * 1988 in Aschersleben
2011 – 2014 apprenticeship woodcarver in Empfertshausen
since 2014 studies fine arts/ sculpture academy of fine arts Berlin Weißensee
2016 – 2017 accademia di belle arti di Carrara, ERASMUS+ scholarship
2020 diploma fine arts/ sculpture, master-class student of Prof. Albrecht Schäfer
2012/2013 Christmas crib exhibition in Großenlüder
2014 Passion exhibition in Empfertshausen
2015 exhibition Neue Sinnlichkeit in Magdeburg
2015 exhibition in Mindelheim
2016 tour, academy of fine arts Berlin Weißensee
2018 class exhibition Tun und Lassen in modular & space Greenhouse Berlin
2018 tour, academy of fine arts Berlin Weißensee
2013 wood symposium Friedrichsmoor
2014 sculptors‘ symposium, Heiligenstadt
2015 6.Klausberg ICE GAMES snow sculpture festival , Ahrntal (I)
2015 woodcarver symposium in Brienz (CH)
2018 film festival, HfBK Dresden
2019 48 Stunden Neukölln, art festival

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